Sunday, February 15, 2015


With the cross season over, its a good time to start riding my bike just for fun, no aims, goals, targets or expectations other than putting a smile on my face.
There aren't many better places to do this (within a relatively short drive) than one of the numerous trail centres in South Wales. We chose to go to Afan at the beginning of February for just that reason. I suppose it'd be considered a bit of a gamble going so early in the year, but I've been blessed (no such thing) with good weather in the past so I was quietly confident we'd be fine again this time around...... and so we were.

Up on top of the Skyline loop, which is the longest trail at about 44km, it was a proper winter wonderland, snow crunching under tyres, crisp cold air, blue skies & sunshine. 


I hadn't ridden a full suspension bike since a having a couple of laps around a car park on a ProFlex 852 (I think) back in the 90's. But, as I'd sold my mountain bike last year I needed to hire one from the trail centre bike shop and full-sus was the only logical choiceThe guys in the shop were very helpful and had the bike, an Orange 5 ready to go when I turned up all eager on Saturday morning. They have a range of clipless pedals to cater for most, or flats if you're a true beginner. The suspension was dialed for rider weight in about ten minutes, and we're ready to go.

Our crew were all experienced off road riders, albeit most of that experience in cyclocross. Thing is with trail centres, they're designed for riding in so its unlikely that dog walkers or ramblers are going to be encountered on the descents so riding as fast as my confidence allows me is pretty easy to do. Its also pretty exhausting work, the climbs are gut busting on a bike with shallow geometry designed for going down, and the rocky descents are bone jarring and tiring on the hands, which is probably too much braking on my part.

One of the newest trails at Afan is the Blade and is definitely one of the best. The views are spectacular too, although I guess I shouldn't have noticed them really.
We had a few punctures while we were there but that's to be expected when you're crashing around over rocks resembling bear caws, flat irons and houses.

Jeeeeez this is a boring blog post, we had a great time is about the strength of it, there's pictures, a video that I robbed off youchoobs, what more do you want?

Who went on the triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip and what were they riding?

Me (Paul, Po, MuddySundays call me what you will) - Orange 5
James (drive) - some KTM thing with a dodgy dropper post
Ben - Kona Hei Hei full-susser (retro)
Claire - Specialized Fate hardtail
Delia - Specialized Fate hardtail
Rob Purcell (NVCT mug) - Trek Superfly hardtail & Orange 5
Mark Perry (All Terrain Cycles) - Giant hardtail

We drank beers, watched some surreal telly, went to the pub, ate MASSIVE portions in the Skyline cafe and laughed lots.
We'll go again some time. You should go too. 

We stayed in a comfy self catering cottage with a secure lock up and washing facilities for our bikes.

Here are some divs in the long grass.


Monday, February 2, 2015

We won London

The last cross race of the season done. We won the London League Team Champs. James had a flying start and scored the hole shot. Respect bruv.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cross is over (almost).

Here's Ben 'Spurious' Spurrier getting all unecessary with a cross up at the final race of the London League. The filthy punk went on to finish 4th, he don't care about the podium. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Caps are back

Oi you mugs! Our caps are back in stock. Anyone can have a little bit of ViCiOUS Velo. 

£10 inc free UK postage and we can send worldwide.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014


THIS SUNDAY YOU MUGS!!!! Round 5 of the London Cyclocross League at Hog Hill.

NB Non London League members: standard entry is £15 for adults but you will need to register with the league, either in advance or on the day which is an additional £5. This covers your electronic timing chip and number - them's the rules I'm afraid.


ViCiOUS hurdles!

We will be retailing our legendary caps and T-shirts.

Curly Wurly pit - these will not be handed up coz Commissaires count that as "hand-ups"

£1 pit - grab a voucher and hand it in at the end to claim £1 back!

5 spot prizes of £10 for MOST ViCiOUS RIDER - awarded at ViCiOUS' discretion where we see fit...

Along with the usual cash-money, prizes to include ViCiOUS VELO caps and T-shirts and maybe a Belgian tipple or two and of course no ViCiOUS cross race would be complete without a truly badass trophy to celebrate the occasion...

Work in progress, or course

Friday, August 15, 2014

Flipping ViCiOUS T-Shirts are here

Our new limited edition T-shirts have arrived. £20 including free UK postage.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gripes of an eternal 3rd cat

No one with any sense gets their knickers in a twist over midweek point grabbing up at the local crits, but there are elements creeping into racing, and some that have always been present, that are beginning to grate on me.

A new one for this season is the dive bomber, the rider who can't corner for toffee but is good on the brakes. There we are, lining ourselves up for the corner, like we've always done, holding position and then following the line smoothly from outside to apex and back to outside before stamping on the pedals to the next turn......... BUT WAIT, WHO'S THIS? Buffalo Bill went around the outside so I know its not him..... oh, its that bloke with the saddle bag and an A-Z maps jersey hauling on the anchors into the hairpin, coming to a standstill on the apex - nice one dick nose!

The next life sponge one has been around for as long as I've been racing but only in the last year or so has it begun to yank my chain.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 'The Gobshite Early Warning System' GEWS for short.
No one knows exactly who he is as he seems to be able to throw his voice, presumably from his relatively cozy position ensconced in the bunch, but, as a plucky racer decides its his turn to make a bid for glory and belts down the outside of the bunch, hoping to catch the rest napping, the GEWS pokes his swollen penis-like-head above the parapets and bleats "RIGHT" or "LEFT", depending on the chosen route of said plucky racer. Seemingly powerless to ignore the GEWS, the bunch accelerate and nullify the attack, then back the pace off for fear of entering Zone 3.
Here's am idea for all you GEWS out there, next time plucky racer decides to have a go, shut your whiny minge face right up and save that wind, put the effort into trying to join him and maybe, just maybe you could be involved in an exciting race situation instead of a tossy gob load of negativity. Sure you'll hurt a hell of a lot after letting your legs do the talking for once, but not as much as you'll hurt if I ever see you open your pie-hole.

- Martina Nav-rant-all-ova